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Yoga Teacher with Briohny & Dice in Thailand?

200hr Yoga Alliance Course | 6-30 July 2016 | Koh Samui Island

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Dear Yoga Student,

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging yoga teacher training program that will help you turn your passion for yoga into an exciting career…

… then I’d like to introduce you to the BRYCE YOGA 200hr Yoga Alliance Certification course in Thailand.

Bryce Training is Unlike Any Course Offered

  • Learn to teach a 60, 75 and 90 minute class so you can work in any type of studio
  • Be trained by Briohny & Dice, two of the most sought-after trainers in the world right now
  • Enjoy the sun and sea of beautiful Thailand with a group of like-minded trainees from all over the world
  • Spend time living and breathing yoga

Benefits of the Yoga Teacher Lifestyle

#1 – Inspire Students & Change Lives – There are very few jobs that provide you with the opportunity to impact the lives of so many people on a daily basis. Every time you get up in front of a class of yoga students, you’ll have the opportunity to truly inspire people. That’s an amazing gift and a rare and rewarding job to have.

#2 – Deepen Your Practice – Students come to class looking for guidance, but they also give back to you (as the teacher) an incredible amount of energy and insight. You’ll be amazed how much you learn from teaching yoga. Teaching is a powerful way to deepen your own practice and understanding of yoga.

#3 – Work Part Time / Earn Full Time – Most yoga teachers I know only work three-to-four hours each day, and the rest of their time is theirs to do as they please. If you’re like me, you have tons of other interests in life that you haven’t had time to pursue because you’ve been working full-time, often in a job that you’re not passionate about. After I started teaching yoga, I finally had time to do freelance writing for magazines, play guitar, and I even wrote a novel during my first year as a teacher.

#4 – Earn a Good Salary – Years ago, most yoga teachers hardly earned enough to get by; but today, Absolute Yoga Academy certified yoga teachers are highly specialized and highly valued employees who are paid very well for their work. While yoga teaching is not likely to make you rich, you can live a financially comfortable and exciting life as a teacher. For me, I never imagined the personal and financial freedom I’ve realized today, much more so than I had in my former life.

#5 – Live and Breathe Yoga – Let’s face it, living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. When I started down the path of yoga, all my old friends were living very toxic lifestyles. When I became a yoga teacher, that all changed. My new friends and co-workers loved yoga, and just like me, they were committed to healthy living. There’s nothing more powerful than having a positive peer group, and for many teachers, this often leads to a revolution in your personal health and lifestyle.

#6 – Travel & Work Anywhere in the World – Yoga came from India, spread to the western world, and then looped full circle back to the East. Today, yoga is everywhere, and as a teacher and student, you’ll find it almost impossible not to teach and study all over the globe. And the best part is, yoga teachers travel with a purpose, and ultimately, live with that same purpose as their guiding light!

#7 – Enjoy a Flexible Schedule – A big part of the yoga tradition is discipline, but true discipline can only come from the freedom to choose. Yoga teachers are able to set their own working schedule to accommodate the needs of their personal lives and personal practice. This is both a luxury and a necessity for growth and fulfillment (plus, it just feels great not to have to be anywhere at 09:00 a.m. every Monday morning!).

#8 – Do What You Love – 83% of people worldwide do NOT like their jobs. This is a tragedy! We live in a world where you really can craft your own lifestyle, your own reality; and if yoga is what you love, why not teach and share it with others? Very few people follow their passion in life, but for those that do, the opportunities that await you are amazing!

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“I learned a lot”
I had a chance to practice with Briohny and Dice in July and I learned quite a lot from them, particularly with alignment and different principles on how to go up into inversions and balances, which are some of my more challenging postures.

– Dean Miya (CA, USA)

About the Course: “Day in the Life”

This yoga teacher training course is a lot of fun, but it would be a mistake to think of it like a holiday. Your days will be filled with yoga practice, posture clinics, practice teaching, and training drills. There are guest lectures, yoga films, anatomy sessions, and so much more.

Here’s a Sample Daily Schedule (subject to small changes)

Sample Schedule

07:00-09:00 Yoga Practice w. Briohny & Dice
09:15-10:00 Breakfast (buffet style Western & Thai food)
10:15-12:15 Workshop II
12:15-13:15 Lunch (at The Love Kitchen)
15:30-17:00 Yoga Class Practicum, Practice Teaching, Guest Lecture
18:30-19:30 Dinner (at The Love Kitchen)
20:00-21:00 Group Gathering, Questions, Yoga Films & Self Study

Here’s what your day will look like…

Wake up to the beautiful sunrise and sea view before meeting at the yoga studi. On training days, you’ll practice yoga first thing each morning at 7 a.m. The yoga practice sessions are for you to learn and experiences the poses in your body (not just your mind), and it is an essential part of the course.

With 2 course leaders, you get the added benefit of 2 perspectives, 2 different approaches and styles to optimize your teaching knowledge.

After the morning class, you’ll have a lovely breakfast with fresh fruit, homemade toast, tea, and juice. Shortly thereafter, you’ll have a morning workshop held either indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. Here, you’ll learn all the fundamentals: safety in class, how to set up the mats, where to stand, and how to speak.

Lunch is at 1 p.m. The food is healthy and delicious, prepared by our exceptional team of cooks who have now been keeping yoga students healthy and fit for nearly 6 years straight!

After lunch, you’ll have some time to relax by the pool, get a massage, or take a nap before it’s back to work with presentations and hands-on practice sessions that address the more advanced teaching skills you’ll need to be an outstanding teacher.

The training day finishes after dinner with an evening gathering just before 9 p.m.—and then it’s bedtime. Trust me, you’ll be tired. Now that’s a day well spent!

Learn Skills That Top Teachers Use Every Day!
Know More Than Yoga Poses

This training course follows Yoga Alliance comprehensive guidelines for training curriculum which means you’ll become a well-rounded teacher who knows more than just yoga poses.

What You’ll Learn

Absolute Yoga is a Yoga Alliance accredited school, meaning we meet (and actually exceed) the rigorous international curriculum standards. This means you’re going to be a well-rounded teacher who knows more than just yoga poses. You’ll Learn:

  • Teaching, leadership & confidence skills
  • How to teach a 60, 75 or 90-minute class
  • Yoga anatomy & physiology
  • History & philosophy of yoga
  • Safe alignment, sequencing, and class structure
  • How to empower students with inversions and upside down poses
  • How to overcome injuries
  • How to become a professional teacher

Here’s the best part: This course is designed to give you all the tools you need so you can go out and begin teaching-right away!

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