Vinyasa “Flow” Teacher Training – Thailand

200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate Course

29 Days | 5 March – 2 April 2016

Teach yoga, inspire students & change lives.
Start a new career as a certified yoga teacher.

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Dear Yoga Student,

Let me guess… you’re a yoga junkie?

You practice yoga just about every day, you hang out in the yoga section of the bookstore, and at work you spend most of your time surfing yoga web sites. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve been there.

When I first discovered hot yoga, I remember sneaking out of the office early just to catch my favorite teacher’s classes. Very quickly, I realized that I was starting to see life differently and there was no point in fighting it any longer. Within a few short months, yoga became the most important focus in my life. As crazy as it seemed at the time, I quit my job and became a Yoga Alliance certified teacher. The rest is history.

But I was so nervous! When I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training, I had a “good” corporate job in publishing. Yoga had only been in my life for a short period of time when I left it all behind. But the transformation I saw in myself was so worth it.

When I began, my body was stiff and I wasn’t confident I could complete the training. To my surprise, teacher training actually made me a much better student. Quickly, I learned that passion and hard work is the recipe to shape the life of your dreams.

After one month of intense practice and study, I felt stronger and healthier than ever before in my life. Most importantly, I was in a position where I could truly inspire students as well as demonstrate my employability.

If you would have told me back when I first started that I would someday become a teacher trainer and operate my own studios in three different countries, teaching more than 10,000 students… I would have laughed out loud.

But this is exactly what’s happened to me. Stories like mine are becoming increasingly common for students coming out of our training academy. Yoga is booming. There’s a huge demand for skilled and passionate teachers worldwide.

Do you love yoga and are excited to share your passion with the world? Do you like the idea of earning a full-time salary working part-time hours? Do you yearn to travel and surround yourself with health-conscious, open-minded people? Then you have come to the right place!

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Top 5 Reasons to Teach Yoga

1. Inspire Students & Change Lives – Few jobs provide an opportunity to impact the lives of so many people on a daily basis. With teaching yoga, you are given the opportunity to inspire classes of students every day. Passion mixed with impactful practice provides an amazing gift that is a rare and rewarding job to have.

2. Deepen Your Practice – Yoga students come to class looking for guidance, but they also give back an incredible amount of energy and insight. You’ll be amazed how frequently you’ll find yourself learning from students.

3. Enjoy a Flexible Schedule – Most yoga teachers work for 3 or 4 hours per day, and the rest of the time is yours to do as you please. If you’re like me, you have tons of other interests in life that you haven’t had time to pursue. You’ve been working full time, often in a job that you hate. After I started teaching yoga, I finally had time to do freelance writing for magazines, learn guitar, and I even wrote a novel.

4. Earn a Good Salary – Years ago, most yoga teachers hardly earned enough to get by. Today, Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers are highly specialized and highly valued. Personally, I never imagined that I’d teach in five different countries and then own my own studios—but that’s exactly what happened.

The world is a big place, but the yoga community is very small. As a yoga teacher, you’ll quickly connect with studios and teachers all over the world and opportunities will reveal themselves organically.

5. Live & Breathe Yoga – Let’s face it, living a healthy lifestyle is not easy. Surrounding yourself with people who live a healthy lifestyle is even harder. When I started down the path of yoga, all my old friends were living very toxic lifestyles. When I became a yoga teacher, that all changed.

Like me, my new friends and co-workers loved yoga were committed to healthy living. I never realized how powerful it is having a positive support group. For many teachers, this begins a revolution in their personal health and lifestyle.

The best time to train to teach is when you’re most excited about yoga. Passion and enthusiasm are the key ingredients for success. Personal practice is always growing, and the decision to make this practice into a profession should evolve from your own personal motivation. If you’re excited now, then there is no better time to take initiative.

What Students Are Saying…

Top 7 Reasons To Teach Yoga

  • Inspire Students & Change Lives – Most people get a job to pay the bills, but as a yoga teacher, you do a lot more than just “get by”. But when your day-to-day work life consists of helping people grow in healthy, peaceful living, that’s an amazing job to have!

  • Receive Full time Pay for Part-time Work – Life is short, the world is crazy, and most people never get a chance to step back and take deep breath! Teaching yoga is one of the rare jobs that allow you to work part-time and earn as much as you would working full-time. If you’re like most people, that extra time is the one of the greatest gifts you could ever be given!

    Working a 15-20 hour week instead of a 40-50 hour week allows you to focus on your own practice, your own growth, and your other interests as well! Many yoga teachers are also artists, writers, full-time parents, and travelers! And the best part is, whenever you step in front of a group of students, your added life experience is what makes your classes so rich and inspiring… what an amazing way to live!

  • Stay Healthy & Fit – Have you had enough of those stuff-your-face, beer-guzzling office parties? Well, yoga teachers’ lives are all about healthy living, so if that’s the direction you see your life going, than you’ve come to the right place!

    It’s hard to be the only salad-eating, seltzer-drinking person in a group of friends, but as a yoga teacher, you’ll see a whole new, health conscious world open up; and your new friends and co-workers will share your passion for healthy, conscious living.

  • Work in a Positive Environment – A yoga studio is one of the few places where peace and positivity are actually expected from people. How refreshing! The world will never be free of office politics, impossible bosses, and overtime… but ask yourself, do you really want to be a part of that system anymore?

  • Travel & Work Anywhere in the World – Yoga came from India, spread to the western world, and then looped full circle back to the East. Today, yoga is everywhere, and as a teacher and student, you’ll find it almost impossible not to teach and study all over the globe. And the best part is yoga teachers travel with a purpose, and ultimately, live with that same purpose as their guiding light!

  • Enjoy a Flexible Schedule – A big part of the yoga tradition is discipline, but true discipline can only come from the freedom to choose. Yoga teachers are able to set their own working schedule to accommodate the needs of their personal lives and personal practice. This is both a luxury and a necessity for growth and fulfillment (plus, it just feels great not to have to be anywhere at 09:00 a.m. every Monday morning!).

  • Do What You Love – 83% of people worldwide do NOT like their jobs. This is a tragedy! We live in a world where you really can craft your own lifestyle, your own reality; and if yoga is what you love, why not teach and share it with others? Very few people follow their passion in life, but for those that do, the opportunities that await you are amazing!

Meet The Teachers

Michel Besnard
Michel BesnardHead Teacher

Originally from France, Michel has become one of the most sought-after teachers in Asia since he opened YOGASANA, the very first Ashtanga Yoga studio and training center in Hong Kong. He aims to help discover the balance and openness that yoga can provide, and he’ll also teach you how to enjoy the process. Michel is immersed in the tradition of yoga with 30 years of study with world-renowned teachers.

With an extensive background in bodywork and postural alignment, Michel is an advanced Reiki practitioner and a certified Advanced Postural Integrator. Truly a teacher’s teacher, he has trained instructors in 10 different countries and is accredited by IYTA (International Yoga Teacher Association) and Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level trainer level (highest possible). Michel brings the depth of knowledge and years of experience to the classroom.

“I am very fortunate to have Michel Besnard as my teacher for the past five years. He is always very generous about sharing his knowledge and experience.”
His comments and suggestions about my asana practice are always spot-on, and his hands-on adjustments show me I can go further than I think. As a teacher of yoga asana myself, I am grateful for his example in the art of teaching and his advice about what it means to teach.
- Frances Gairns , Yoga Teacher (Hong Kong)
Roslyn Ying
Roslyn YingCourse Assistant, Guest Faculty

Roslyn started her yoga journey studying in the Iyengar tradition with renowned teachers Faeq Biria, Peter Scott, Birjoo Metha and Shirley Daventry. Later, Roslyn’s interest in Ashtanga grew and she studied with Nancy Gilgoff, Chunk Miller, Maty Ezraty, and Richard Freeman.

Her interests in yoga philosophy and Ayurveda led her to undergo formal study with Carlos Pomeda. For Roslyn, the yoga journey is both physical and emotional. She believes that yoga challenges you to walk out of your comfort zone; and when you do, life unfolds in ways you would never imagine.

Carlos Pomeda
Carlos PomedaHistory & Philosophy

Originally from Spain, Carlos has been stepped in all aspects of the yoga tradition during 36 years of practice and study. He spent 18 of those years as a monk of the Saraswati order, under the name Swami Gitananda. This included included 9 years in India, at the Siddha Yoga ashram, studying and practicing under Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. During this time he learned the various systems of Indian Philosophy and immersed himself in the practice of yoga, becoming one of the senior monks of the tradition and teaching meditation and philosophy to tens of thousands of students around the world. He combines this experience and traditional training with his academic background, which includes two Masters Degrees: one in Sanskrit, from U.C. Berkeley (where he has taught) and another one, in Religious Studies, from U.C. Santa Barbara.

Michelle Lam
Michelle LamYoga Anatomy Trainer

Michelle is a physiotherapist specializing in sports injuries and prevention. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1998; and now, after working in the sports rehabilitation for nearly 10 years, Michelle has developed a unique way of incorporating physiotherapy with exercise training and performance enhancement. Michelle is also a Personal Trainer, Group X instructor, and a part-time lecturer in the Chinese University Adult Learning Center in Hong Kong.

“A Teacher Who Really Transforms her Students…”
Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student, Michel’s devoted study, practice, and knowledge of yoga, his love of teaching, and his endless capacity to give make him a teacher who really transforms his students.
I apprenticed with Michel for almost two years and practiced with him for almost five. Now, as a teacher, I constantly find myself drawing upon the many things Michel taught me, and I continue to seek-out his trusted guidance.
- Julie Choi, Yoga Teacher (Germany)

Rob Lucas
Rob LucasBalancing Poses

Rob Lucas began practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga in 1997, and since that time he has trained with amazing teachers all over the world As a teacher he believes that his job is to distill the years of daily experience to their essence and pass that on to students in three forms: how to practice, what to practice, and why to practice.

Rob’s particular style and focus is on relaxed control within the practice: developing the ability to move smoothly and with control. In asana practice, as in life, the spaces between events are as important as the events themselves. Rob specializes in teaching balance and control- in both on the hands and the feet.

You’re Going To Love Teaching Yoga

Teaching what you love is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make! Yoga Alliance Certified teachers spend their days sharing the benefits of yoga with the world.

Here’s some good advice: choose a training course taught by a great teacher. The course should give you all the skills needed to be an effective instructor—but also make sure it excites you! Yoga is supposed to be fun!

To become a yoga teacher, there’s a lot you need to learn—but it’ll be lots of fun too. You’ll make new friends, take your yoga practice to a whole new level, and discover things about yoga and yourself that you never even considered before.

Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes!

“Michel is Extremely Compassionate & Patient…”
Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga is a very physical practice, but Michel teaches a refreshing balance of mind and body in class, combining his knowledge of the classic yoga texts with traditional asana.
Michel is extremely compassionate and patient, and he’s got an eye for detail. With his extensive background in both Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, Michel gives great adjustments and suggestions for pose variations when needed. Overall, I feel that Michel is an extremely well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher.
- Victor Chung, Yoga Teacher (Singapore)

What You’ll Learn

Absolute Yoga is a Yoga Alliance accredited school, meaning we meet (and actually exceed) the rigorous international curriculum standards. This means you’re going to be a well-rounded teacher who knows more than just yoga poses. You’ll Learn:

  • How to overcome stage fright (public speaking)
  • How to deal with injuries in class
  • How to draw clear student-teacher boundaries
  • How to inspire students so they want to learn
  • How to go beyond asana, teaching the more subtle and deeper practice of yoga

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, this course is designed to give you all the tools you need so you can go out and begin teaching-right away!
A: Everyone has their own style and their own pace for learning. The month-long intensive gives you the opportunity to dig deep and learn at your own pace. The training always covers the required topics, but we also leave plenty of “open sessions” where we can address the teaching topics that are most challenging or most interesting to you.
A: Over half our students speak English as a 2nd language—including the instructors! So don’t worry, we’re an international group and we’ll help you learn your way.
A: If you can, try to start practicing at a studio or even at home to a DVD (David Swenson or John Scott’s DVDs are great). You do not need to have the series memorized, but for sure it’s helpful if you have practiced it to the best of your ability many times prior to the course.
A: No, in this course, most students are working with the 1st half of the Primary Series, meaning they practice up until Navasana/boat pose. There are always advanced students too, some practicing 2nd series, but remember, this is not a competition, and as a teacher, your students are mostly beginners. You need a dedicated practice, but not an advanced one to be a great teacher.

What Will My Days Be Like

Repetition is the mother of skill. The more you do yoga, the more you’ll know it inside and out. This is a yoga teacher training course not a “yoga camp.” Instead, it’s a very systematic process that will transform you from a student of yoga into a teacher of yoga.

Our strategically designed schedule is formulated to maximize your learning experience.

Sample Schedule
*The course is 6 days on/1 day off repeated 4 weeks in a row

07:00-09:00 – Yoga Class, Breath, Work & Kriyas (cleansing exercises)
09-15-10:15 – Breakfast (buffet style Western and Thai Food)
10:15-12:15 – Workshop
12:15-13:15 – Lunch (at the Love Kitchen)
15:30-17:00 – Yoga Class Practicum
18:30-19:30 – Dinner (at the Love Kitchen)
20:00-21:00 – Meditation ( group gathering, questions or Yoga Films)

Facilities, Rooms & Food

If you’ve never been to Koh Samui in Thailand, you’re in for a wonderful experience. Absolute Sanctuary is located on a quiet hillside overlooking the sea. We have a health food restaurant called, The Love Kitchen, 2 huge practice rooms, a detox center, a spa, an infinity swimming pool, and really great views throughout the resort.

After a long day, you’ll sleep like a baby. Your room is just up the hill from the studio with air conditioning, hot water, and flat-screen televisions. Accommodations are simple and comfortable, designed for affordability and convenience. We encourage trainees to enjoy Absolute Sanctuary’s swimming pool, steam room, and spa which are all a great way to unwind after practice.

The Yoga Studio

Your primary “home” for practice will be our “Ocean Studio” given its name because you can see the sea while you practice. The studio has great light, even in the early hours of the morning, it has state of the art cooling during the daytime lectures, and a projector for films and presentations.

  • Lovely hardwood floor studio
  • State-of-the-art cooling system
  • Blocks, straps, bolsters all provided
  • Cool, breezy space
  • Excellent natural light and green hillside views

The Food

We serve simple, healthy meals every day in buffet style. To keep your training costs as low as possible, the food is self-serve (no waiters) and family-style. Don’t expect fine dining, but our Thai and international chefs do a great job preparing tasty, healthy meals made from scratch for you to enjoy.

  • 3 group meals daily (included in tuition)
  • Group menu includes : fruits, homemade breads, burritos, stir fries, rice, noodles, Italian, Thai, American, and Mexican food
  • Additional food, snacks, and beverages can be purchased at any time from The Love Kitchen


All trainees will stay at Absolute Sanctuary, a 3-star facility set in a Moroccan-style resort. The facility is located on a quiet hillside over-looking the Gulf of Thailand, and the cool evening breezes are spectacular.

Rooms are simple, private and comfortable – ideal for yoga students who need a place to study and escape. Most students share a room, but a limited number of private rooms are available (surcharge applies).


The resort is big enough to support the course, but small enough so it feels cozy. The infinity pool is the “hub” of the resort during non-yoga practice times, and there is also a juice bar, a steam room, a full spa, exercise facilities, and a lounge.

  • Award-winning health restaurant
  • Poolside juice bar
  • Exercise room
  • Steam room
  • Detoxification spa
  • Lounge
  • Free Wifi throughout the resort


The Curriculum

THE BASICS: Weeks I & II – Jump right into the deep end! The first two weeks are where you learn all the basics, from yoga history to teaching techniques. Yoga is a vast subject, so we’ll primarily focus on the knowledge that you’ll find useful every day in class.

  • Yoga philosophy & history
  • Practice of asana, pranayama & kriyas
  • Sequencing & pose names
  • Safety & alignment

TEACHING PRACTICUM: Weeks III & IV – During weeks 3 and 4, we’ll start learning the more advanced teaching techniques that separate good teachers from great ones. Here you’ll learn the more subtle and high-level skills needed to create really exceptional class experiences for your students.

  • Hands-on adjustments
  • Pranayama & meditation
  • Creating your own sequence
  • Teaching intermediate postures

What Students Are Saying

“I Can Go Further Than I Think”
I am very fortunate to have Michel Besnard as my teacher for the past five years. He is always very generous about sharing his knowledge and experience. His comments and suggestions about my asana practice are always spot-on, and his hands-on adjustments show me I can go further than I think. As a teacher of yoga asana myself, I am grateful for his example in the art of teaching and his advice about what it means to teach.
- Frances Gairns, Hong Kong
“A Teacher Who Really Transforms His Students”
Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student, Michel’s devoted study, practice, and knowledge of yoga, his love of teaching, and his endless capacity to give make him a teacher who really transforms his students. I apprenticed with Michel for almost two years and practiced with him for almost five. Now, as a teacher, I constantly find myself drawing upon the many things Michel taught me, and I continue to seek-out his trusted guidance.
- Julie Choi, Germany
“It Was Truly A Month Of Awakening…”
I had my doubts of what I would learn and accomplish… Michel was quick to put my mind at ease and also open the door to so much more… it’s easy to understand why every student cannot help but feel interconnected and affected. Every day was a new experience of the body, of the mind, and of the spirit. Michel is full of compassion in his teaching, always pressing us to gain that much more out of ourselves, pushing through our own limitations, and awakening so much within ourselves that has been lying dormant.

He has a way of telling you exactly what you need to hear whether in giving adjustments to perfect a pose or in giving the right sort of encouragement when you feel like you’ve reached a wall… I’ve gained more than a practical knowledge of how to become a Yoga teacher. I’ve gained an understanding of my own body and mind and have now developed my own practice that I carry on to this day. I would suggest this course to a truly devoted practitioner or a spirited beginner. Be ready to learn, be ready to listen, and be ready to sweat.
– Blake Johnson, Canada
“Since The Course I Have Become A Yoga Teacher.”
What an awesome experience! Excellent and entertaining teachers-all experts in their field. A wonderful and upbeat group of fellow students. Since the course I have become a yoga teacher.

I am able to pass the valuable knowledge and love for yoga that I have learnt from Michel & his team, over to my students. I highly recommend this course!
- Cathy Towill, South Africa
“… They Always Made Individual Time For Our Own Body Types and Limitations…”
It was such an amazing life changing experience. Initially, I was a little afraid because I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure I was fit enough for the challenge. I am so happy I went. The way the class was taught, it didn’t matter what level you were on, we were always kept together as a team.

The more advanced students could advance further still and so could beginners because they always made individual time for our own body types and limitations. Guest teachers were great. I learned so much from the Anatomy class and how it relates to yoga, Philosophy, Public speaking and Meditation. I plan to return for the 500 hrs course because no one else will compare to Michel and his teaching.
- Kathy Van Wagoner, USA
“I Understand That It’s 99% Practice And 1% Theory…”
The teacher training was everything I hoped for. It change my life I let go of my ego when the teachers, Michel and Roslyn told me about DISCIPLINE (Attitude, Respect and Practice) and TRUST in the process. It was amazing-I did it!

I’ve started to become confident after the teacher training course. You should come into the course with an open mind, support your peers, laugh and cry while practicing together!

I feel like I have a passion for yoga and amazing energy to share. For anyone interested in teaching yoga or exploring yourself, I highly recommend the course. After the course, I understand that it’s 99% practice and 1% theory to have amazing energy for my body, mind, soul and spiritual life.
- Dicky Sulistio, Indonesia
“…I Feel Absolutely Safe And Inspired To Start Teaching …”
The training has been my life’s best investment in personal development! I’ve got so much in the bargain, besides lots of joy and energy and life-long friends. I have gained excellent knowledge of anatomy, communication, philosophy and history of yoga, which I can apply to both everyday life and yoga.

A whole new world of yoga opened up for me, I was filled with joy, harmony and love. The teacher’s team is awesome, professional, knowledgeable, experienced, fun and understanding. With their help and support every student in the group could see changes in their body, mind and soul along the way.

I feel absolutely safe and inspired to start teaching.
So don’t doubt, just do it!
- Tatiana Puumala, Sweden
“No One Has Touched My Life The Way Michel Has!”
Being a practitioner for 7 years has taught me that having a good teacher is essential to the journey of Yoga.

No one has touched my life the way Michel has.

He is the kind of teacher who can see your light even when you yourself didn’t know it even existed. Michele taught me the most important thing about being a teacher – that the responsibility you have to your students is your own practice. I would encourage anyone to study under Michel.
- Stephanie Wong, Singapore
“…My Fear Had Slowly Vanished Away…”
The first day of the training I had no idea whether I had come to the right place and right time. It was tough for the first week because other students are much better than me. I was really scared whether I could go through the course in such conditions for a month.

English is not my first language. By the third day, I realized that it was not as difficult as I thought, so maybe because I was thinking too much and felt fear I couldn’t go forward. But I decided to go forward anyway.

After a week passed, I had lost 8 kg which was really amazing. I just followed what Michel and Roslyn told me to change my eating style and of course, keep practicing yoga everyday by doing the right poses during the course. It really works without any doubt!

My fear had slowly vanished away and my courage had grown too. I managed to complete the course without any absences and my health got better too. And I am no longer ‘the worst among the students’.
- Dian Novita, Singapore
“Yoga Is About The Journey, Not The Destination!”
Very insightful course which has given me the confidence to go out and teach yoga classes, knowing I have received fantastic training from an outstanding teacher. Michel is a kind and compassionate teacher, whilst ensuring we all tested our boundaries and discovered our own potential.

The phrase that now sticks in my mind is ‘Yoga is about the journey, not the destination.’ Thanks Michel and the team for the wonderful experience.
- Joanna van der Merwe, UK
“…It Will Change Your Life, And Then You Will Change Others!!”
I thoroughly recommend the teachers training course led by Michel and Roslyn. I began yoga at the age of 51 and two years later I attended and successfully completed the 200 hour training program. The course is very comprehensive and complete. You will learn everything you need to go home and become a confident and successful yoga teacher.

This is on top of the intense Ashtanga practice you will receive during your time on the course – a practice that will increase your fitness, develop your Asanas, and help you to be more aware of how to assist others with their own practice. If you wish to become a strong yoga practitioner with a strong practice to support you and your teaching then this course is for you. It will change your life and empower you to go fort and change the lives of others.
- Graeme McLennan, Australia
“Enjoy Every Moment Of Our Practice!”
The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Michel was very challenging, but very rewarding. Even I don’t have a strong desire to become a teacher before the training, this is a great training to deepen my practice. Michel’s teaching is highly emphasized on the body awareness by applying alignment through asana, Kriya and meditation to observe your breath/mind.

Michel makes me understand my own practice and difficulties – we are all unique with different bodies – we must listen to your body while practicing!Michel always says “Yoga is a journey not a destination! Enjoy every moment of our practice!

Michel always says “Yoga is a journey not a destination! Enjoy every moment of our practice!”
- Winky Chan, Hong Kong
“Michel Is An Extraordinary Teacher…”
The one month that I spent in Koh Samui doing the teacher training with Michel Besnard was the most challenging, enriching, uplifting feat that I have done in my life as a committed yoga student.

The content of the training was expansive and well presented by brilliant, energetic faculty of teachers. This training gave my asana practice the extra push that I so badly needed and came out of it alive and super strong!

Michel is an extraordinary teacher, and his candor, charm and decades of yoga experience and his generosity to share what he knows makes him connect more easily to his students. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice or to students who aspires to be yoga teachers. It’s sooooo worth it!
- Christina Ong, Hong Kong
“I Had High Expectations And The Training Exceeded Them All.”
The Teacher Training with Michel Besnard and his team was one of the best experiences of my life. I had high expectations and the training exceeded them all. I found Michel to be an extremely knowledgeable teacher whose passion for Yoga inspired me tremendously, who taught me to think outside of the box and try different approaches to postures I had done many times before.

Above all, I felt completely safe in his classes as he would take into account every student’s individual strengths and weaknesses, and always stressed the importance of respecting our body limits. It was a very inspiring and at the same time very enjoyable month. Thanks to Michel and the other lecturers for the wonderful experience.
- Michaela Tippel-Huang, Taiwan
“To Say Michel Is An Amazing Teacher Is Truly An Understatement…”
He is deeply understanding, observant, funny, and inspirational. He draws upon a deep well of experience and allows his students to drink freely from it; he opens himself to his students wholeheartedly, and dedicates himself completely in each hour he spends with his students. He is real, he is honest, and he gains your trust from the first time you step on a mat next to him.

The one month I spent in Koh Samui has had a profound impact on me. Taking the 200-hr vinyasa course with Michel has catapulted me on my journey as a yoga teacher, and more importantly, as a life-time yoga practitioner. The course is intricately designed, and well thought out. Aside from giving us a complete course with asana practice, anatomy, philosophy and ayurveda, Michel expertly wove in theory with practical application, techniques to help us improve our practice on the mat, and ideas to stretch and enrich our minds.

Of all of the great things I learned during my 200-hr training with Michel, I take away three major lessons for myself: humility and diligence as a yoga student; detachment and evenness as a yoga practitioner; confidence and inspiration as a yoga teacher.

Since I’ve been back to the States, I’ve begun teaching right away and am loving it every day. Michel’s voice and wisdom guides me through my daily practice and through each class I teach.
- Jessica Shi, USA
“I am So Grateful for All That I Learned…”
It is really strange now to be back in the real life after being surrounded by so many like-minded yogis. I learned so much and want to thank Michel and Rosyln, who are impressive personalities and great teachers.

I really thank the teachers for the patience they have with the students. In the four weeks they are like a doctor, psychologist, teacher, life coach and a friend. I am so grateful for all that I learned and their support.
- Nicola Rapp, China
“A Spark Has Been Ignited in Me”
As “cliché” as it sounds I feel like I found my purpose in life. I think a spark has been ignited in me that was always there, but hidden. Michel and Roslyn have left a footprint in my heart. I now have the tools to develop a strong self-practice. Thank you so much for assisting me in my life journey.
- Brooke Jefferies, Australia
“One Month Was Definitely Not Long Enough”
Completing the 200-hour Vinyasa training is not for the light hearted. It’s not a vacation even though it’s Koh Samui. It requires hard work and dedication!

You are among amazing teachers—Michel Besnard and Roslyn Ying—knowledgeable and insightful lecturers—as well as Akash Karia, Carlos Pomeda, Michelle Lam and the entire team of instructors. One month was definitely not long enough for between them they have so much to give and teach.
- Emily Knowles, Australia
“This is the Kind of Course That is So Sad to Leave”
This is the kind of course that is so sad to leave as there is so much to offer and explore. The curriculum is tailored to the student so that they can easily transition into teaching immediately after the course.

I personally would like to thank the Absolute Yoga Academy team and the teachers for their continuous support and compassion
- Anna Glazkova Matcheret, Cambodia
“Studying with Michel and Roslyn Exceeded My Hopes and Dreams”
After doing yoga for the past ten years it was my dream to become a teacher so that I could bring happiness and inspire people. Michel and Roslyn are two of the most amazing and inspiring teachers I have ever been lucky enough to meet, and studying with them exceeded my hopes and dreams! I will be forever grateful for this experience.
- Georgina Kable, Australia
“I Feel Like I Have Grown in More Ways Than One”
Coming into the 200-hour training I was very nervous. Not only about my skills and abilities but also about who would be teaching me for the next four weeks. Roslyn and Michel have an amazing ability to know when to push people to their maximum potential and when to provide love and support. I feel like I have grown in more ways than one and in ways I cannot even describe. I leave this course with a renewed passion for seeking more yoga knowledge and a passion to share all that I have learnt with whomever will benefit from it.
- Haley Miklos-Martin, Australia
“I Didn’t Want it to End”
What an amazing teacher training course. I actually didn’t want it to end. From the amazing teachers to the wonderful and fun fellow students I have met. This course has offered us and taught us so much more than yoga teacher training. You’ll have to embark on the course to find out for yourself—you won’t regret it!
- Jasmy Kesavan, United Kingdom
“One of the Best Things I Have Done for Myself”
One of the best things I have ever done for myself. I learned so much because of the incredible teachers. I learned from the best instructors and now I will further pass on the wisdom they passed to me.
- Kayla Smith, Canada
“I am Forever Grateful for This Experience”
I have been thinking of doing teacher training for a long time and when I heard about the Vinyasa 200-hour course, I knew this was the training for me. I am forever grateful for this experience and I learned so much. If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing.
- Lilly Mack, United States
“I Learned So Much More Than I Ever Thought”
Absolutely amazing course with amazing teachers. I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. Michel and Roslyn are the absolute best and have so much knowledge and patience with their students. I appreciate everything I was taught by the instructors.
- Marit Rutman, Estonia
“They are the People to Change Your Life…”
Where to begin…Roslyn is an angel sent from the heavens and Michel is the ultimate yoga teacher. As a team they are the people to change your life. Thank you to the teachers for making this an adventure I never want to end.
- Neslihan Aydagul, United Arab Emirates
“I’m So Lucky to be Part of This Course”
I’m so lucky to be part of this course and I learned so much about yoga in just one month. I liked the morning part of the program for practice, and the knowledge imparted from the philosophy and public speaking sessions.
- Parisa Limtrakul, Thailand
“”I Never Felt Overwhelmed…”
This course was amazing. Michel and Roslyn are truly amazing people…kind compassionate, patient. The 200-hours flew by and the content of the course was well paced. I never felt overwhelmed and the instructors made sure the postures were being taught in a safe manner, which gives me the confidence to go out and be a safe teacher. I am so grateful to Michel for passing down his knowledge to us, an experience that I will truly never forget.
- Priscilla Alberd, Australia
“I am Truly Confident I Can Run My Own Studio Someday”
What a life-changing course, where you take the road and journey to a healthier and more conscious way of living each day. Just knowing our teachers were internationally recognized, fully qualified and mostly so experienced, put me at total ease with a confidence to trust and believe in them. I thank Roslyn and Michel for their teachings, the knowledge they imparted, and for making me believe that I could do it despite my fears of being inflexible and not having the “right” body. I left the course so healthy, so fit, so flexible and truly confident I can run my own studio someday.
- Anita Naidoo, South Africa
“I Got Strong Mentally and Physically”
My experience in the 200-hour course with Michel and Roslyn was amazing. I feel confident with myself and I have found what I was looking for. I got strong mentally and physically, now I see with my own eyes the clarity of my path. I was always searching and now I know the love within me and what I can do with that.
- Sebina Beganovic, Italy
“Michel and Roslyn Make a Formidable Teaching Team”
Michel and Roslyn make a formidable teaching team. He brings years of intense and varied practice, and she contributes understanding and enthusiasm. They both teach with kindness, wisdom and discipline—tough love! I am grateful that I found them and they shared so much with me.
- Samantha Dalton, Australia
“I Learned So Much About My Body and Mind”
The teachers are truly fantastic, helpful and patient. I learned so much about my body and mind, now each pose is much clearer. I now have the perfect base for my practice and I will never forget this amazing experience!
- Silvia Pozsgai, Thailand
“Beyond My Expectations”
This whole course has been beyond my expectations. It has given me so much, not only for my yoga practice and my future teaching endeavors, but I have also learned so much about myself and I take so much with me for my everyday life. Thank you so much for everything!
- Vercha, Czech Republic
“I Have Grown So Much Over the Past Month”
I feel so full of gratitude towards Michel and Roslyn. I have learned and grown so much over the past month. Your patience, guidance and teachings have been the pillar of my journey at Absolute Yoga Academy. Thank you so much to the teachers and the Absolute Yoga Academy team who have done so much for me!
- Vivid Riley, United Arab Emirates
“One of the Best Investments of Time and Money I Made…”
The month spent with Roslyn and Michel was a magnificent experience where I expanded my knowledge about Yoga as coherent art of living, but also about body, my mind, and myself and got deeper in touch within my spirit.

The entire course of RYT-200 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Absolute Yoga Academy with Michel Besnard as a lead teacher has been one of the best investments of time and money I made in self-development. All supporting teachers including Carlos Pomeda, one of the few accomplished Sanskritists, a scientist in ancient Eastern philosophy, established scholar and practitioner of art of meditation, Akash Karia a great public speaker, Michelle Lam, anatomy, were amazing.

The entire experience has been life enriching and one never remains the same. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious either about starting a journey as a Yoga teacher, expanding awareness and self-practice, deepening own knowledge on the subject or all of the above. Needless to say that the setting of the course in a beautiful resort with a professional spacious yoga studio on Samui Island in Thailand is value added to the whole experience. Plus making new friends and yoga buddies – life gets only better!
- Edyta Peszko, Thailand
“I Feel Stronger and Ready to Practice Every Day”
I feel stronger and ready to practice every day. The teachers make the course and they are the perfect balance. I feel so blessed to have met them and studied underneath them. Michel is the perfect balance of strict and loving. He pushed me hard but was also compassionate, encouraging and kind when I needed it. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their practice or discover Ashtanga.
- Vibeke Gadeberg, Denmark

Want to See Photos from Past Courses?

Each course, we welcome students from over 12 different countries, and the exciting thing is that everyone comes together for the shared love and passion for yoga. To get a better idea about what the experience “looks” like, please browse our past course photo albums.


Tuition Investment

This teacher training will change your life, but luckily, it won’t cost you nearly as much as you thought. Our training facility is located on the beautiful but affordable island of Koh Samui so accommodation, food, and transportation costs are lower than most parts of the world—and we pass those savings on to you.

COURSE: Vinyasa “Flow” 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Course

DATES: 5 March – 2 April, 2016

LOCATION: Absolute Yoga Academy, Koh Samui, Thailand



TOTAL: 7,790 USD 7,290 USD Save 500 USD, EARLY DISCOUNT!*

*Early Discount ends December 15, 2015


  • All classes & materials
  • 3 daily meals
  • Airport transfer to/from hotel
  • Fresh towels daily (for practice & room)
  • Yoga mat
  • Spa voucher (500THB)

NOTE: yoga teachers earn an average of 30-65 USD per class depending on the studio and location, so many graduates are able to earn back their tuition in 3-6 months of teaching.

Your Certification

As a graduate, you’ll be certified by Absolute Yoga- one of the largest and most-trusted names in yoga training internationally. On top of that, your Absolute Yoga certification qualifies you for Yoga Alliance certification. We use this third party accreditation for Absolute Yoga to ensure our quality and international standards are met.

Now Accepting Applications

We’re now accepting applications for this course. Your application is submitted online along with a photo and a recommendation letter. I deally, your recommendation letter should be from your yoga teacher, but if that’s not possible, a personal or professional reference is acceptable. Most applications will receive a response within 1 week.

Space is limited,
so please do apply early.

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What Students Are Saying

Take the Next Step…

You know that feeling you get when you’re about to do something that will change your life forever? For me, that’s what’s so exciting about training to become a yoga teacher.

I’ve participated in 3 teacher training programs and about 16 yoga workshops—so I know from experience that this course could be the start of an exciting new chapter of your life.

Congratulations on your decision to become a yoga teacher, and I hope you’re able to join us for this year’s course.

Keep practicing,


Lucas Rockwood
Managing Director
Absolute Yoga Academy

p.s. 500 THB Spa Gift Certificate – this spa credit can be used for massage, facial, or any spa treatment (min purchase 1500 THB) during your stay with us at Absolute Sanctuary.

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Now Accepting Applications

We’re now accepting applications for this course. Your application is submitted online along with a photo and a recommendation letter. I deally, your recommendation letter should be from your yoga teacher, but if that’s not possible, a personal or professional reference is acceptable. Most applications will receive a response within 1 week.

Space is limited,
so please do apply early.

Apply Now!