How to Build a Positive Image as a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a practice that doesn’t exclude. It knows no boundaries when it comes to age, gender or body type,

Things You Must Know to Succeed as a Yoga Teacher

Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance have conducted a study to pinpoint some of the trends in the yoga industry.

Essential Oil Pyramid Scheme

Multi-level marketing companies are starting to target the yoga community. Here's why you should avoid them.

The Hot Yoga “Copyright Myth” Unveiled

The whole idea of owning a yoga pose or series of poses is ridiculous, but for over a decade, it's been a classic case of perception versus reality.

Top Rated Jobs in USA – Teaching Yoga

CNN rates yoga teaching as one of the top 0 best jobs in the USA.

Are You Ready to Teach Yoga?

If you start the day with a handstand, take your mat wherever you go, and find yourself scheduling your day around your yoga practice, you might just be ready to take the leap and become a yoga teacher!

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